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VLR Series Integrated Air Cleaner/Precleaners


VLR Very Low Restriction Integrated Air Cleaner/Precleaner Series

Enginaire’s Integrated VLR Series is one of the greatest off-road air filtration inventions. We took our proven and patented centrifugal air precleaners and integrated them into a standard air cleaner canister design. Our design did more than that however. A typical centrifugal air precleaner adds a small amount of initial restriction on the engine taking power to spin the precleaner. But with the VLR, you receive all the great benefits of a precleaner AND have lower initial restriction than air cleaners with no precleaner at all! This is due to the axial rather than tangential flow of air. With the precleaner on the end the air travels straight downstream from the precleaner, through the filter and induction system. Air also enters the VLR’s across the entire 360° circumference. All of this offers great air flow, cleaner, longer lasting filters, higher horsepower, reduced emissions and cleaner running engines!
VLR Very Low Restriction Integrated Air Cleaner/Precleaner Series.

How A VLR Cleaner Works

VLR Series Details

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