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UL Approved Flame Retardant TL Air Cleaners


UL on Briggs and Stratton engine.

UL Approved Flame Retardant Air Cleaners

Enginaire offers canisters and elements tested to meet the rigorous standards of UL®. Our UL Approved Flame Retardant Air Cleaners come with all the benefits of our Magna Seal Twist Lock Series, compact design, ease of service and very high efficiency.

Gaseous-powered engines may backfire through the intake system and elements can ignite and burn quickly. When engines backfire with UL Approved elements, the air cleaner acts as a spark arrester to prevent fires. If your engine requirements need verification of safe air filters (i.e.: working indoors), we can supply canisters and elements that will meet your needs. 

Please visit our ME and LV Large Volume Filter Series’ pages to see larger air volume canisters for UL applications as all of our larger air volume metal canisters also have accompanying UL approved filters for them.

Twist Lock TL Series Air Cleaners.
UL Approved Flame Retardant Air Cleaners.

UL TL Series Details

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