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Twist Lock TL Series Air Cleaners


Twist Lock TL Series Air Cleaners.

Introducing the Twist Lock Air Cleaner Series

We are proud to introduce our innovative Magna Seal Twist Lock Air Cleaner Series. These tangential filter housings offer a compact design with innovative ease of servicing features. Filters are removed with a low-profile Twist Lock cap held together internally with six stout locking pins, eliminating the external plastic or wire latches or clips. Simply pull the lever, lift and twist to remove the cap. The canisters can be installed in much tighter areas given the new locking mechanism and less room needed for accessing the clamps/clips. We have heard stories forever of plastic air cleaners in the field with weak locking mechanisms and caps that do not stay on. Our twist lock canisters have proven themselves to be the strongest cap available!

TL Series Details

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