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Located in Janesville, WI, with customers around the globe, Enginaire Clean Air Systems was founded in 1972 and began manufacturing and designing air intake systems and accessories for diesel and gas engines powering mobile and stationary equipment that operate in extreme conditions. With over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space across 2 city blocks and three buildings, Enginaire is poised to serve you.

Enginaire’s patented centrifugal precleaner has become the standard in many off-road equipment industries as well as lawncare and concrete industries.

Building on its Precleaner innovations, Enginaire expanded into offering the complete engine air intake systems with intuitive design- rethinking how customers want ease of maintenance, ease of access, and intelligent controls with these systems to make their jobs easier.

You can see this in our new plastic Twist Lock Air Cleaner Series with the easiest and strongest cap locking mechanism in the industry. All Enginaire air cleaners have stainless brackets, use industry standard filter elements, and our products benefit customers worldwide enhancing their engines and saving hundreds of thousands of customers time and money on filter replacements if using a precleaner. Our work now extends into protecting operators working in dusty and dangerous environments within their cabs; the Cabaire filtration series and pressurizer is the perfect solution for keeping those operators in a cleaner environment and aiding compliance with new silica dust regulations. Enginaire is proud of its long history solving complex filtration problems and will continue to act through the company motto, the “Do it Right” way and manufacture with the highest quality materials, latest technology, and service all relationships with a personal touch. Please reach out and let us know if we can help and how we can improve!

To further enhance our products and offerings to our customers, we merged with the Australian company BreatheSafe in April 2023 to form a new company called AireSafe International. The combined companies offer state of the art products in air filtration and pressurization for off-road machines, engines and cabs. Manufactured to the highest standard, we offer products that meet and exceed government regulations for air quality in all industries including mining, quarrying and agriculture.

Please visit the BreatheSafe web site to learn more about the BreatheSafe products!

Enginaire building.
Enginaire building.
Enginaire building.