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Metal ME, LV, In-Line and Custom Air Cleaners

Attention Engine Packagers:

Enginaire has vast experience designing perfect fit to application custom air cleaners. We can design and fabricate these models quicker than competitors given our focus to tailor to individual OEM account needs. On this page we show you some of our unique designs. Some of these flexible features include: placement of air inlets, integrated precleaners right into the side inlet for lower height profile and lower restriction precleaner, custom mounting brackets, private labeling, and the ability to 3D design full air intake kits for packagers and OEM’s where we can apply single part numbers to a whole intake kit including metal/rubber adapters, air cleaners, intake accessories, precleaners etc. Working with Enginaire gives customers a lot of custom flexibility and we find our best relationships are where we are working in tandem with design teams and taking leg-work from them on creating the full air intake kits. Please contact us, even with low quantity requests, and we will try to make any size or configuration you need!

Large VLR application photo.

Metal ME Series Heavy Duty Air Cleaners


ME Series Details

ME line drawing diagram.
ME Inlets Diagram.
ME Product Specs Chart.

LV Large Volume VLRs


LV Large Volume VLRs.
Large VLR.

LV Large Volume Series Details

Large VLR Part Diagram. Large VLR Part Chart.

Large Volume LV Dual Canisters


Large Volume LV Dual Canisters.
Large Volume LV Dual Canisters.
LV2000 Model Diagram.

Inline Canisters

Our 3” inlet and outlet canister can be used as a downstream filter for the Cabaire® or as a stand-alone air cleaner if that is what your application requires.

3 inch inline product photo.
Enginaire product on a machine.

3 Inch Inline Canister

3 inch inline product photo.
3 inch inline diagram.

90° 3 Inch Inline Canister

90° 3 Inch Inline Canister.
90° 3 Inch Inline Canister.

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