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Intelligent Cab Pressurization (ICP)


Cabaire’s Intelligent Cab Pressurization technology is the most modern and robust pressurization system offered. Building on the features of the APC system, the ICP adds interactive data logging and alarm features.

Contact us with any questions! We are always happy to recommend models that include filters and precleaners appropriate for your environment!

Cabaire Logger.

Filtration Features

  • Precleans, filters and automatically maintains pressure, pushing up to 200 CFM.
  • Designed for quite operation with brushless motor and custom fabricated stainless fan.
  • Prolongs air filter life by only drawing air as necessary.
  • Available on any Cabaire model (RD, PO, S, EL).
  • Standard 12 or 24 volt DC brushless motor.
  • Available 115/220 volt AC converters available for stationary enclosure installation.
  • Unit includes black metal mounting bracket and 3” Diameter, 36” accordion style flex tubing for easy connection of Cabaire and HVAC inlet
  • Route Cabaire through machine’s existing HVAC or straight into cab (Recommend using Enginaire stainless flange adapter for straight entry)
  • One year warranty on full unit (elements not included)

Intelligent Features

  • 14 bit digital pressure sensor that can accurately measure pressure between –250.0 and +250.0 Pascals with repeatable accuracy.
  • An alarm will light and/or sound if the pressure falls below the preset point. The alarm set point can be set via the user keypad between the range of 0.0 and 200.0 Pascals.
  • The data logger will record running pressures as well as any events or alarms that occur during operation. This data will be stored for up to one year and can be downloaded from onboard USB, RS232 or blue tooth
  • Designed for mounting in vehicle’s dash using a standard size radio cutout or remotely mounted in a standalone case.

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