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Constant Flow (CF) Pressurization


Enginaire’s Constant Flow Cabaire offerings are the most popular Cabaire packages, an economical and highly robust choice. Cabaire’s are self-contained and compact. The Constant Flow units contain compact motors or air pumps that maintain Cab Pressurization with constant, continuous air flow.

Our most popular CF unit includes a 12/24 volt brushed motor, an upgraded brushless motor is also available. The brushless option provides quieter operation.

Contact us with any questions! We are always happy to recommend models that include filters and precleaners appropriate for your environment!


  • Precleans, filters and maintains pressure with constant airflow; 100-200 CFM.
  • Available on any Cabaire model (RD, PO, S, EL).
  • Standard 12/24 volt DC brushed motor.
  • Available 12 or 24 volt DC brushless motor (PO, S, EL)
  • Available 115 volt AC motor for stationary enclosure installation.
  • Unit includes black metal mounting bracket and 3” Diameter, 36” accordion style flex tubing for easy connection of Cabaire and HVAC inlet
  • Route Cabaire through machine’s existing HVAC or straight into cab (Recommend using Enginaire stainless flange adapter for straight entry)


  • Protect workers from dangerous particulate and offer clean working environment
  • Aids in compliance with OSHA silica dust and/or chemical type regulations
  • Trap dangerous particles like silica, or with activated charcoal filters absorb gases, odors and fumes
  • Over-pressure in cab makes so particulate escapes and cab cleans itself
  • Routing through HVAC gives longer lasting, cleaner HVAC system and cab components
  • In well-sealed cab, Cabaire should create environment with less need for face masks, PPE, etc.
  • Reliable, 1 year warranty on units

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