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Cabaire™ "Breathe Easy"

Cabaire® is a self-contained controllable cab pressurization unit with multi stage filtration designed to keep enclosures clean and operators safe.

OSHA Silica Regulation Compliance

29 CFR 1926.1153 Effective September 23, 2017

New Federal OSHA regulations require employers to ensure that employees are exposed to minimal levels of silica dust. With Cabaire products businesses can surpass today’s standards.

How It Works


Common Applications

  • Mining equipment 
  • Aggregate and quarrying equipment 
  • Agriculture tractors and combines 
  • Spraying and harvesting equipment 
  • Oil and gas / frac equipment 
  • Control towers for crushing plants 
  • General construction equipment 

Cabaire Product Line

To build the best Cabaire for your application select a model size, filter type and technology tier. Learn more about the technologies and product options on their respective pages or by calling/emailing us.

Four Model Sizes

Cabaire models.

Three Filter Types

  • Filter elements integrated into standard (S) and extended length (EL) models
  • EL models offers greater filter capacity (more filter media)
  • Inline downstream filters available for RD and PO models
    • 3″ Inl X 3″ Outl plastic canister highly recommended
  • Included standard
  • 95% efficient at .3 microns
  • Meets efficiency level OSHA calls for in Silica reg.
  • Recommended for silica
  • 99.97% efficient at .3 microns!
  • Highest level of particle dust filtration sold
Activated Charcoal
  • Recommended for chemical, gas, odor and fume absorption
  • High level of chemisorption and surface area without messy beads

Three Tiers of Cab Pressurization

Constant Flow CF: Precleans, filters and maintains pressure with constant airflow; 150-200 CFM. Brushed motor standard.

Automatic Pressure Control APC: Maintains pressure with motor control adjusting airflow for optimal pressure Standard with brushless motor.

Intelligent Cab Pressurization ICP: Same motor and control as APC plus LED pressure read-out in cab, low pressure lights and alarms, and data tracking capability

Cabaire ICP Demo

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