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Enginaire Superior Air Precleaners

Air precleaners.

Enginaire has sold over 1 million air precleaner units, greatly enhancing machines made by some of the best companies in the world!

 Enginaire precleaners use a spinning rotor to separate up to 95% of airborne contaminants from incoming air, feeding clean air to the engine.

Proven Performance and Reliability, The Most Effective Choice in Air Precleaners since 1972.

How It Works

The Enginaire Advantage

  • The Enginaire precleaner is a precision manufactured product and a full range of models are available to fit most engines.
  • Available with heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel construction.
  • Available in a low-cost specially formulated composite material.
  • All Enginaire precleaners carry lifetime warranties!

Precleaner Benefits

  • Extended filter life
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced maintenance costs

I used to tell my customers to look at their air filter every day and change it every couple weeks. Now I tell them, change it once a year whether it needs it or not.

President, Lawn Mower Manufacturer
Time Proven Air Cleaning Systems.

Enginaire Precleaners are valuable assets in many environments, commonly deployed in:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Oil and gas
  • Agriculture
  • Lawn Care

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