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Enginaire Air Filtration Systems

Enginaire, the leader in air precleaners for over forty-five years, offers a complete line and many product series of air cleaner canisters, filters and accessories to create superior dirt protection for your product.

We will create the most efficient and cost effective air filtration system to fit the parameters you require.

Protect your engine! An engine’s performance and cost of operation is impacted by the air intake system’s efficiency more than anything else! A small handful of dirt can destroy an engine. Enginaire’s long history selling our patented centrifugal precleaners along with our full range of industry-leading designs of high efficiency air cleaners and filters makes us the best choice Air Filtration Solutions Provider.

Make Enginaire the Full Choice Supplier of Your Complete Air Filtration Systems. Helping you and your machinery live and breathe easier.

Contaminated air will increase lube oil contamination resulting in increased wear to valves, rings, pistons, cylinder walls and crankshaft bearings. Inefficient combustion will also increase the level of emissions released and fuel consumed. Enginaire has developed and sells the strongest filtration solutions, uses the best materials in manufacturing, and has been solving complex filtration problems over 45 years!

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How A Standard Air Cleaner Works

How VLR Works

Enginaire’s Integrated VLR Precleaner/ Air Cleaner Series Offers Lower Initial Restriction than Standard Filter Canister without a Precleaner! Very Low Restriction and Longest Lasting Filter Life!

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