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Air Cleaner Mounting Brackets

Mounting Brackets Diagram.

Precleaner Style “T” Bolt Clamps

Precleaner Style Bolt Clamps

Clamps can be used for a variety of applications.

Note: clamps are sized for ID of precleaner or OD of tube. Actual clamping range is larger.

Rubber Couplings (Standard and Reducing)
Rubber Couplings.

Rubber Hump Hose Connector

Rubber hump hose connector.

Rubber Hump Hose Connector—Reducer

Rubber hump hose connector reducer.

Insert Sleeves—Reducer Adapters

Insert Sleeves, reducer adapters.

90° Elbows Standard and Reducing

90 degree elbows standard and reducing.

45° Elbows

45 degree elbows.

Molded Plastic Close Radius Elbows

Molded plastic close radius elbows.

Flexible Rubber Tubing

Flexible rubber tubing.

Straight Stack Extensions

Straight stack extensions.

Expanding and Reducing Adapters

Expanding reducing adapters.

Flange tube adapters are a convenient way to add an outside stack to your machine. Just mark the location, cut a hole and insert the adapter. The flange will cover up any imperfection in the hole. Drill and add the loose flange on the bottom to “sandwich” to hood. Mount a precleaner on the outside and connect a rubber tube to the air filter inlet and you are done.

Flange adapters

Flange adapters are available in standard tube sizes. Also available in expanding or reducing configurations.

Flanged air inlets.

Flanged air inlets work in conjunction with Cabaire® cab pressurization. It makes a clean “grill” for the air to enter the cab. Available in painted steel or polished stainless steel.

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