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Air Precleaners

The leader in air precleaners for over forty-five years. Our patented centrifugal precleaners are up to 95% efficient at ejecting dirt particles back to the environment before they can reach the filters, extending filter life up to 10 times and greatly enhancing engine health and longevity. All Enginaire Precleaners carry lifetime warranties. Learn more about why hundreds of OEMs choose Enginaire Precleaners and get you and your customers the best air filtration possible.

Air Filtration

Industry standard and custom engineered air cleaners for all industrial applications. Enginaire prides itself on manufacturing with the highest quality materials and offer plastic, metal, and UL approved flame retardant products as well as our patented VLR integrated precleaner-air-cleaner series, the best there is for restriction and efficiency. View our air cleaners to see our superior designs that deliver compact, easy to use, and heavy-duty engine protection.


Manufacture and stock vast inventory of everything an air intake package needs for any industrial engine. From rubber connectors, expanders, reducers, elbows, flex tubes, flanges, restriction indicators, rain caps and in-house metal fabrication come to us for any size adapter or accessory. Our catalog also has extensive product detail on accessories. Call in and we’ll find or make what you require!

Cab Pressurization

Cabaire cab pressurization products keep enclosures clean and operator environments safe with multi-stage filtration and positive pressure. Cabaire offers products to aid compliance with increased particulate (OSHA Silica Reg 29. CFR 1926. 1153) and chemical vapor (EN Reg 15695) regulations by utilizing sub-micronic and charcoal filtration. Cabaire products are available in a range of technology and size options.

Fire Equipment

We have fire equipment products that can keep machines running when the heat is on. Air Precleaner With Custom Spark Arrestor, Stainless Steel Cabaire Cab Pressurizer, and Extractaire® Clean Cab Solutions. Making sure flying embers don't enter the air stream. Watch our demo video to see how these products work. Let us help you and find the right product solution for your machines.

Enginaire products.

Enginaire Precleaners

Enginaire precleaners are incorporated into many machines and engines made by some of best companies in the world. Available in heavy duty stainless and aluminum and special formulated composite plastic all carrying lifetime warranties.

See How Our Precleaner Works!

The Enginaire Precleaner Advantage

  1. Extend air filter life up to 10 times
  2. Eliminate up to 95% of dust and debris before reaches filter
  3. Self-cleaning ejector system (not dust bowl or collection device)
  4. Lifetime Warranty on all Enginaire Precleaners
  5. Strongest materials used including stainless and special glass-filled composite, not nylon
  6.  Sizes for virtually all engine applications (Sized off airflow before air inlet diameter)
  7. Reduce engine maintenance and costs as well as reduced emissions
  8. Improve fuel economy, extends life of turbochargers, blowers, cylinder liners, pistons, engine oils
  9.  Extend life and improve clean running performance of engines!

Enginaire Extractaire Three-Stage Filtration System

Extractaire Cab Filtration system is purpose-built for fire-apparatus cabs. System offers protection from fire ground chemicals, carcinogens, and fine particulates. Extractaire continuously recirculates the air within a cab enclosure and uses two high-efficiency air pumps to draw air in and send air back out after being filtered by three-stages of filters (MERV 16, Activated Charcoal, and HEPA).

Cabaire Cab Pressurization

Enginaire Cabaire will keep operator cabs very clean, safe and easy to breathe in. Aid in compliance with new OSHA Silica air quality regulation by installing Cabaire Cab Pressurizer with HEPA filter. Cabaire puts clean, double filtered air under pressure into your cab or other enclosure, ie electrical boxes, etc. Incorporates an Air Pump, Enginaire patented centrifugal precleaner, and filters for different working conditions.

Cabaire Intelligent Pressure Demo

How Cab Pressurization Works.

Get Started With Clean Air Solutions

Enginaire Has Long Been The Leader In...

  1. Patenting the Most Durable and Highest Efficiency Composite Plastic and Metal Air Precleaners Selling More Than 1 Million Units.

  2. Offering the Complete Family of Engine and Cabin Air Filtration Systems of the Highest Quality.

  3. Continuously Improving Product Lines to Satisfy Customer Needs such as with the VLR Integrated Air Cleaner/Precleaner Series and Cabaire to Address Equipment Operator Health.

  4. Selling Worldwide to Hundreds of Major Equipment Manufacturers, Engine, HVAC, and Industrial Product Distributors and Those who Call with Filtration Needs!

  5. Enjoying a Long History Working Alongside Customers Large and Small to Create Complex Filtration Solutions Solving Dirty Problems.

  6. Supplying Filtration, and We Want to be Your Trusted Air Filtration Provider.

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